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Smart ZigBee Gateway by Woox


Connect up to 50 ZigBee devices to your WiFi network

Connecting your home to a smarter future

  • Dual-protocol Supporting - Whether your devices supports WiFi or ZigBee, now you can control all of them together on the SmartLife App via the Gateway/Hub. Make any ZigBee and WiFi Devices interact and create smart routines.
  • Strong Connectivity, Limitless Possibility - The Bridge supports adding ZigBee devices, not only from Woox, but also third-party ones (most commonly sold are Tuya based devices).
  • Smart Scene - Works with any ZigBee Sensors, smart light, alarm or other IoT devices to make your living space and office truly smart; automatically behaving, like control the connected blinds, detect the real-time temperature and humidity, detect a door/window opening and many more, everything you need to make your automation dream a reality.
  • Long-distance Signal Transmission - The omnipresent walls are not affecting much the transmission and by adding a second ZigBee hub to your network it becomes a ZigBee Mesh network. 
  • Small and Easy to Connect - Very Small form Factor and USB Powered, can easily stay next to your home WiFi router and be directly powered from your router's USB port (as most of the routers nowadays are equipped with USB ports), this way you save space and an extra socket occupied by an additional power adapter.