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Smart Chime for Video DoorBell by Nedis


The Chime for your Nedis Smart Video Doorbell

Nedis®, your smart choice

  • Expands your existing Nedis Video doorbell by adding the chime and the ability to hear the doorbell without the need for a smartphone or tablet
  • Feature 80dB loud audio functionality - the built-in speaker of the Nedis WIFICDP10GY smart wifi chime, lets you hear someone is in front of your door.
  • 4 variable melodies - the Nedis WIFICDP10GY Smart Doorbell Chime has 4 different sounds that can be selected as a ring tone
  • Adjustable Volume - The doorbell chime can have its ring volume adjusted to suit your needs, directly from the SmartLife App.
  • USB Powering - The Nedis Smart Doorbell Chime can be flexibly placed anywhere in your home as it requires only a USB port/adapter to work.
  • Wireless - The Nedis Smart Doorbell Chime uses RF433 technology to communicate with the Nedis Smart Video Doorbell
  • Multiple Nedis Smart Chimes can be added to the same Nedis Smart Video Doorbell