Bayonet cap fitting or B-Type light bulbs
Named for a fitting design that utilizes the same push and twist-action used by soldiers to mount bayonets to their rifles.

Commonly offered on the market are B22 and B15 and mostly used within UK and Northern Ireland.

With its familiar “push and twist” action, the “bayonet cap” (also known as BC cap) is used on most regular light bulbs.
The above mentioned are 22mm respectively 15mm in diameter and with two side locating lugs.

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Smart Light Bulb B22 RGBW by Woox


RGBW Light Bulb works with Alexa, Google & IFTTT

Connecting your home to a smarter future


The B22 Smart Dimmable LED Light Bulb is a WiFi RGB+W Colour Changing either via the SmartLife App or using your preferred home assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google Home) without the need of any other gateway, a hub or another hardware apart from your wireless router.

Very user friendly and easy, the Wifi Smart Light Bulb installs as easily as a standard light bulb and connects to your home Wi-Fi in no time through the free app, available in Apple Store and Google Play. You can use whether the Smart Life App or your preferred home assistant, which also lets you manage your lights including adjusting brightness, change the colour, adapt the rhythm to the music beat, setting schedules and scenes and many other functions. After it’s set in your home network, you can use your voice to trigger different actions or you can make it automatically based on different triggers from other smart devices; (ex: you can set the light to switch on when you are arriving home, using the geo-fencing function or a smart PIR sensor, or even your smart doorbell and if it’s after the dawn; your imagination to create different scenarios it’s the key to use this smart light bulb at its best)