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Smart ZigBee Door & Window Sensor by Woox


Small and Fast ZigBee Door & Window Sensor

Connecting your home to a smarter future

  • Works with Alexa/Google Assistant/IFTTT - Create automated actions interacting with other Woox Smart Home products or even third-party smart devices for different smart tasks such as automatically powering on the lights when a door is opened or turning off the smart radiator valve when the window got opened. You have the liberty to use various other smart systems and supplies for building the most complex coalesced smart routines for your home or office. You can interconnect your Woox Smart Door and Window sensor with other Woox smart devices or other smart devices which can be controlled via IFTTT and make them work together flawlessly!
  • Smart Window Door Magnet Sensor Detector - Woox ZigBee Intelligent Window & Door Sensor can detect and automatically trigger and action for the opening or closing the doors and windows; the sensor will immediately trigger the receiver when separated from the magnet and the receiver will alert immediately whenever an open or close event was detected and send a notification to your phone via the SmartLife app. (Requires a ZigBee Hub)
  • Low Energy Consumption + Strong Compatibility - The built-in button battery (CR2032) could last about 2 Years. It can be matched with other smart devices such as smart CCTV camera, smart plug/socket, bulb, air cleaner, etc. this sensor being able to help you create a smart home.
  • Easy Installation - Small form size and compact window/door sensor, extremely easy to install via the double-sided tapes. NOTE: For best results, the sensor and magnet should be aligned and the gap must be less than 22 mm.
  • Easy Device Sharing - Share the sensor with your family to give them the ability to quickly control and monitor your home together. 3-month history records check.